nedeľa 5. mája 2013

Sugar detox

I was one of those people that tried every single little detox product and fad out there. I would use detox foot patches twice a day, saunas, needle therapy, etc. I tried pineapple diets, twinkle diets, and all the other crazy stuff you’ve probably never heard of and never want to. Not to mention that for the past year I’ve been going to the gym every day, and I even hired a personal chef to cook healthy food.
So here’s my problem. With all of the crazy stuff I’ve tried nothing worked. Absolutley nothing was able to get me to lose weight. Just a five ago I found out about the 21-day sugar detox plan. I thought it was worth a try so I gave it a shot. After all; what did I have to lose?
After completing the 21-day sugardetox plan my life has completely changed. I’m became more alert and active. Everything I did became really effective. Whether it was going to the gym or eating healthy. The sugar detox threw my body into a hyper-healthy mode which I’m still running on. In the past four months after finishing the 21-day sugar detox plan I’ve lost 37 pounds. If I ever start gaining weight again I’m going on the 21-day sugar detox. It’s been more useful in my health than any other program or product I’ve tried in my life. I’m not a scientist and I can’t explain how it works. All I know is that if you follow the diets that the eBook gives you, and don’t eat any sugar, you feel really great.